"Glasgow Parkour Coaching and Chris Grant are magicians when it comes to making you run and jump for a purpose. Like the skill they are teaching they have clear direction, style, strength, grace and stamina to carry forward a really new aesthetic for the streets."
(Simon Sharkey, The National Theatre of Scotland)

Our classes provide a way to learn and train the movements, fitness and concepts behind the discipline of Parkour/Freerunning.
The classes are energetic, fun and creative and we encourage students to reach and surpass their physical and mental limits. Training focuses on improving core strength and fitness, balance, dynamism, spatial awareness, mental discipline and provide an understanding of the thought process behind practicing Parkour.
Every Class has a thorough warm-up and cool-down process and a training process tailored to the level of the students. Glasgow Parkour Coaching Deliver a number of classes to tailor for any level of experience, age and environment - feel free to browse through the menu to find classes to suit you or your group.
We firmly believe that Parkour is accessible to all and on top of our weekly classes we can provide a tailored programme of workshops to suit your group.


(structured teaching)